Guide to the Weapons in Black Ops 2 Free-For All Free-For-All: How to Use a Weapon

Free-For-All: How to Use a Weapon

If you have a low score, you should undergo combat training to improve your ability in handling a weapon. You can use combat training to get used to the surrounding environment.

You should spend time to check out each of the weapons so that you know which weapon is suitable for you. This enables you to get trained and become skilled in using that specific weapon. When you know which weapons to use, you can create a number of classes. You can add power to the weapons by using different perks and attachments. You can switch to a class with silencer if you are facing problems with players that uses UAV. The flak jacket class can be used against players who are using bombs to attack you. The EMP grenade class is effective against enemies that are equipped with sentry guns. Each player plays the game in his own unique way so you must know adapt into their tactical techniques. You must hunt them down quickly before they are able to achieve a high score streak.

Sub-Machine guns are lightweight so you can use it in Free-For-All mode. You can easily win a game with a DSR50 instead of a PDW-50. It is easy to make your enemy panic and launch a surprise attack on them when you apply the lightweight and extreme conditioning onto your submachine gun. An example scenario would be there are two players with the same skills. One player is armed with a submachine gun while the other is armed with a sniper. The player that is armed with the sub machine gun will most likely win the fight.

Players are advised to use at least three attachments on the gun if they are playing the Free-for-All game mode. Many players will keep a handgun as a backup weapon. You are not using all the free slots effectively by doing so. The handgun is not powerful enough to help you duck off the enemies temporarily. You also won’t have time to reload your machine gun. When you are reloading your machine gun, your enemies will try to shoot you so you need to find a shelter. Once you have found a safe shelter, you mustquickly reload your gun with as many ammunitions as you can. The few bullets that you manage to reload into your machine gun can save your life.

You must always make sure that your gun is fully reloaded when you are traveling around. The PDW-50 sub machine gun is your best option if you are running low on ammunition. The PDW-50 gun is already pre-loaded with 67 bullets. If you are still unable to cope with your enemies with 67 bullets, you need to practice shooting accurately. With 67 bullets, you can kill eat least 3 – 6 enemies without having to put any additional ammunition into your gun.

Being able to aim at your enemies with precision is crucial as it distinguishes life from death. Professional players will be able to shoot accurately so the best way is to make an ambush attack on them. You can enter through an unusual entrance such as window to make a surprise attack on your enemies if you know where is their general.

You must be careful when firing your enemy. Your enemy will immediately know your position if you shoot them in a nervous state. You should only open fire on your enemy if you are confident that you can kill them. It is unwise to shoot your enemy when you cannot see them. There is a higher chance of killing the enemy if he is within your sight.

I have been talking a lot about submachine gun in the tutorial. With 8 years of experiences in playing Call of Duty, I have the time to try out most of the guns. I discover that submachine gun is the best gun for hunting down enemies because it is easy to use. Being equipped with a good gun is important especially when there are seven other players trying to hunt you down. You should not get discouraged if you are not able to use the submachine gun to kill your enemies in every game. Instead, you should do your best to use the weapon of your choise as often as possible until you master in using it.IF you really enjoy full game get newest black ops 2 hacks mods.

Free-For-All game can be an exciting game that will cause gamers to be glued onto the computer screen. However, you must keep in mind to always relax and enjoy the gun. You may not find the game enjoyable when you are not scoring a top score but you need not to be unhappy about that as there is a chance that you could also achieve high score one day.